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Kent v. Apple

UK Apple App Store Claim

Kent v. Apple is the legal claim brought by Dr Kent against Apple. Dr Kent alleges that Apple has contravened competition law. Dr Kent’s claim is an opt-out collective claim, which means that she automatically represents all those who fit the class definition, who are called class members. If you have spent money in the App Store, then you are likely included as a class member represented by Dr Kent.

 The claim

Apple has allegedly breached UK competition law by excluding competition and/or charging an unfair and excessive level of commission - usually as much as 30% - on purchases of paid apps and in-app purchases of digital content, services or subscriptions in the App Store. The law firm Hausfeld & Co. LLP represents Dr. Kent in her claim. Hausfeld is a leading international law firm specialising in competition law, with significant expertise in all aspects of collective redress and group claims.

What This means for you

If you (or your business) have purchased an app or in-app digital content, services or subscriptions in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad since 1 October 2015 you (or your business) may be eligible for compensation.

 Represented claimants

Dr Kent represents all persons (including businesses) who purchased for themselves or on someone else’s behalf an app or digital content, services or subscriptions within an app from an iPhone or iPad device in the UK storefront of the App Store since 1 October 2015. 

To understand if you could be included in the claim, answer these questions:

  • Have you spent anything in the App Store since 1 October 2015?

  • Were you using an iPhone or iPad device?

  • Were you using the UK storefront of the App Store?

  • Were you living in the UK on 5 May 2022?

If your answer to each question is YES then you are likely to be included in Dr Kent’s claim unless you opted out of the claim by 9 September 2022.

Dr Kent invited the Hausfeld lawyers to join her on the Digital Health Diagnosed podcast to explore the complexities of the Apple App Store case.

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