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Digital health diagnosed: Your dose of tech wellbeing

Boost Your Tech wellness Every Sunday 10AM on Spotify!

  • Evidence-based research in digital wellness

  • Tips on living better with tech

  • Weekly expert advice

About Digital Health Diagnosed

Hosted by Dr. Rachael Kent and produced by Playtime Productions, this podcast is the first of its kind providing evidence-based research diagnosing your digital health, and giving you doses of tech well-being to live better in our digital world everyday 📱

Dr. Rachael Kent is the Founder of @drdigitalhealth, author of ‘The Digital Health Self: Wellness, Tracking and Social Media’, Class Rep for Kent v. Apple, Lecturer in Digital Economy & Society @kings_college_london and has been researching the impact of technology on our mental and physical health for 17 years.

Recent Episodes

Join Dr. Rachael Kent every Sunday at 10AM on Spotify for expert discussions and trends shaping the digital health landscape. 

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