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The Digital Health Self: Wellness, Tracking, and Social Media

(Quantified Societies & Selves Series) Hardcover – 30 May 2023 PRE-ORDER HERE

This is a detailed analysis of how understandings of health management past, present

and future has transformed in the digital age. Since the mid-20th century, we have

witnessed ‘healthy’ lifestyles being pushed as part of health promotion strategies, both

via the state, and through health tracking tools, and narratives of wellness online. This

marks a seismic shift from a public welfare state responsibility for health towards

individualised practices of digital self-care. Today health has become representative

of ‘lifestyle corrections' which is performed on social media. Putting the spotlight on

neoliberalism and digital technology as pervasive tools that dictate wellness as a moral

obligation, Rachael Kent critically analyses how users navigate relationships between

self-tracking technologies, social media, and everyday health management.

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Coming 30 May 2023, The Digital Health Self – Wellness, Tracking and Social Media, Bristol University Press. Pre-order Here

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